We are a Multinational Conglomerate that has been in the Media Technology and Digital Advertising business for 8 years

We are a results-oriented digital marketing agency.
We design effective solutions to achieve your business goals in any market.

  • Sem

    All activities and effective web marketing campaigns aimed at generating high quality traffic to specific web sites

  • Seo

    All activities aimed at analyzing and optimizing specific website pages to improve their ranking in organic search engine results

  • Organic

    Strategy and curation of a brand’s presence and reputation on social networks, aimed at building a loyal user community


    Planning high profile advertising campaigns aimed at gaining website traffic from specific targets on each social network

  • Content Marketing

    Creation and sharing of high quality editorial content designed to create interest and attract new users / clients

  • Native ADV

    Special ad content that appears to be an organic part of the editorial - creates engagement by creating a natural interest

We're a technology hub, aimed at businesses.
We make innovation with three goals in mind: developing new digital projects, enhancing in-house technology and tools, better serving partners and clients.

  • Management systems

    Complex software with appealing graphics and high usability, simplifies and automates company work processes and reporting

  • Business intelligence

    Purpose-built technology that gathers and analyses large amounts of data, estimates and information of all kinds, both at a company and target-market level

Digital projects
  • e-commerce

    Websites aimed at commercializing a range of products and services online, that can make and receive money transactions

  • websites

    Technologically cutting-edge web products, accessible and usable from a variety of different devices

  • comparison sites

    Price comparison websites that help users work out which is the best deal on various products and services online

  • content distribution

    Platforms that enable clients to produce high quality content that showcases the best of their products, driving that content to the right audience

We help talented entrepreneurs to develop "smart" ideas and projects.
We invest with financial resources, strategic consultants, technological support and our network of partners.

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Four managers with a common vision team up with digital enterprise Triboo, and YOUniversal Media in Rome is born.
With a start-up team of six the media technology company specialises in traffic acquisition and monetisation for owned and operated properties and third party publishers. Key partnerships with Ask and Yahoo are established.


YOUniversal registers a 4.8 million euro turnover in the first year alone. The company also specialises in content marketing thanks to its seamless in-house technology designed for publishers.
"Labs" is born and the first experiments at developing new web projects get underway. The team expands to 15.

2012 - 2013

The agency consolidates its projects and media activities.
YOUniversal Media co-founders Emiliano Carlucci and Daniele Avitabile buy out the other shareholders to acquire full control of the company, becoming CEO and Chairman, respectively.


With set-up complete, the Business Agency activity officially gets off the ground with one core focus: our clients' performance.
The company registers more than 12 million euro turnover and boasts a dynamic and multicultural team who between them speak more than six languages and average 27 years in age.


The agency's emphasis on Search (SEO - SEM) has extended to Social (Organic - ADV) and Native (Branded Content - ADV).
By now there are 38 members of staff.
End of year turnover is estimated at 16 million euro.


The company expands to Dublin where YOUniversal Next and YOUniversal Invest are founded. The first is a technology hub aimed at business; the second creates and invests in strong technology based start-ups, providing financial backing and logistical support.
From the union of Next, Invest and YOUniversal Media (where it all started), comes the Group, a digital enterprise with innovation firmly in mind.

"On demand" is how users like their content. "Effective" is how advertisers want their marketing. So we've designed and shaped a network of Owned & Operated Websites and Third-Party Properties that at its core is "performance-driven". The way we display ads throughout our Network is based on a Proprietary Technology which runs along four advertising channels: Search, Social, Native and Display
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Our traffic acquisition and monetization solutions are effective and made possible not only thanks to a proprietary technology that is constantly evolving, but also by virtue of established relationships with leading international partners, ranging from search engines to some of the most important media technology companies.


We’re certified by Google AdWords, Yandex, Bing Ads Professional (number one in Italy for Professional Accredited Bing Ads), Facebook and Twitter.
Our team comprises AdWords Qualified Professionals, Bing Ads Accredited Professionals, Yandex Direct Experts, Facebook Certified Professionals and Twitter Graduates.

Emiliano Carlucci

Chief Executive Officer

Daniele Avitabile


Pino Barbiera

Chief Operating Officer

Gianluca Manni

Chief Financial Officer

Marcello Ventura

Chief Revenue Officer

Mauro Guerrieri

Chief Information
& Technology Officer

Michela Eresia

Team Manager

Andrea Lorusso

Software Team Manager

Samuele Pretini

Project Manager

Giorgia Della Rocca

Marketing Supervisor

Francesco Sorricaro

Content Marketing Supervisor

Ylenia Castiello

Marketing Specialist

Santi Ventura

Marketing Specialist

Sara Sellini

Marketing Specialist

Isabella Basileias

Marketing Specialist

Giulia Lolli

Marketing Specialist

Martina De Matteis

Marketing Specialist

Rosaria Petrella

Marketing Specialist

Giosuè Rapiti

Content Marketing Specialist

Francesca Melfi

Content Marketing Specialist

Federico Pirisi

Software Team Leader

Roberto Beretta

Software Architect

Marco Pompili

Web Developer

Marco Pesce

Art Director

Paolo Rui

Senior Graphic Designer

Assunta Venezia

Marketing Specialist

Claudia Martinangeli

Marketing Specialist

Anastasie Kambuyi

Office Manager

Joern Martin

Digital Marketing Director

Sara Sartori

Office Manager

Paz Grossi

Digital Content Specialist

Olivia Fahy

Digital Marketing Specialist

Donal 'O Connor

Digital Content Specialist

Dipu Rajendran

Software Team Leader

Shamseer Va

Software Team Leader

Dinu Abraham

Software Developer

Deepika Dev

Software Developer

Akhil Kurian

Software Developer


Software Developer

Sarath Mohan

Software Developer

Sreevika V S

Software Developer


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